Adamantios Lentsios


Mr. Lentsios holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna-Italia, a postgraduate degree in Petrochemicals and Hydrocarbon Chemistry from the University of Manchester-England and a diploma in Management from Henley College-England. He has many years of administrative experience, as he has been a senior executive and management consultant in a variety of companies in various sectors (“Petroleum of North Aegean Company”, “DEPA”, “TITAN Cement S.A.” Group, “VIORYL S.A.”, “LEVENTIS FOODS NIGERIA LTD”, Group of Companies “PLIAS”, Group “HELLENIC PETROLEUM”, “SIRECLED HELLAS S.A.”, “DESFA S.A.”, “ASPROFOS S.A.”).

He participates in the Board of Directors of “ELGEKA S.A.” since 2014 as a non-executive member, having undertaken various strategic projects. At the same time, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the company “ELGEKA FERFELIS ROMANIA S.A.”, “ELG HOLDINGS SINGLE-MEMBER S.A.” and “ELGEKA PROPERTY & DEVELOPMENT SRL”.

Member of ELGEKA Group
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