03 July 2023

Announcement regarding the signing of contracts for the modification of Common Bond Loans (C.B.L.) of the Parent Company “ELGEKA S.A.” as well as its subsidiary company “DIAKINISIS S.A.” and the completion of the transfer of assets of “ELGEKA S.A.”

Industrial Area of Sindos – Thessaloniki, July 3rd, 2023

Subject:Elapse of the unpracticed deadline of article 100 par. 3 of L.4548/2018

“ELGEKA S.A.”, following the announcement of 13.06.2023, informs the investing public and its shareholders, in accordance with article 17 par.1 of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 16th, 2014, and article 2 par.2 case (ig’) of no. 3/347/12.07.2005 Decision of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission’s Board of Directors, the signing on 29.06.2023 of the amendment acts of the secured Common Bond Loans (C.B.L.) of the Parent Company “ELGEKA S.A.” and its subsidiary company “DIAKINISIS S.A.”, initially signed on 25.07.2019 with initial bondholders being “ALPHA BANK S.A”, “NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE S.A”, ” EUROBANK ERGASIAS S.A”, and ” PIRAEUS BANK S.A”, with “ALPHA BANK S.A” serving as the organizing bank. Based on the amendment acts, the duration of the above loans is extended up to 2029, with smoother distribution of installments and more beneficial financial terms for ELGEKA Group.

Following these, the remaining balance of the two loans amounts to 23.372 thousand euro for “ELGEKA S.A.”, after a prepayment of 6.754 thousand euro on the same date, and 8.534 thousand euro for the subsidiary company “DIAKINΙSIS S.A.».

Furthermore, following the announcement of “ELGEKA S.A.” on 13.06.2023, it informs that it has completed on 29.06.2023 on the one hand the transfer of 152.980 shares of the anonymous company named ” GLOBAL SYNERGY BUYING GROUP S.A. TRADE – DISTRIBUTION – REPRESENTATIONS” and the distinctive title “G.S.B.G. S.A.” to the related company “GLOBALTERR S.A.” for the amount of 2.600 thousand euro and on the other hand the drawing up of final sale agreement for the transfer of a non-operational property of the Company located in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, to a related party and Major Shareholder of the Company, for the amount of 3.605 thousand euro, respectively.

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