23 June 2021

Corrective Note according to par. 2, article 23 of L. 3556/2007

Industrial area of Sindos – Thessaloniki, June 23rd, 2021

Subject: Corrective Note according to par. 2, article 23 of L. 3556/2007

The Management of ELGEKA Group, in the context of the preparation process of the Prospectus for the Share Capital Increase of the Parent company, amounting to 6,9 million euro, proceeded to a review of the goodwill coming from its subsidiary company “DIAKINISIS S.A.”. In the new impairment test, which concerns previous years, a more conservative scenario of the basic assumptions was adopted, as a result of which there is a need for further impairment of the goodwill held by the Group by 2.443 thousand euro.

As a consequence of this process, the total Assets of the Group on 31/12/2020 and 31/12/2019 is set at 150.501 thousand euro and 154.988 thousand euro respectively, while the total Equity of the Group is set at -229 thousand euro and 2.216 thousand euro, respectively. The published figures were 152.944 thousand euro and 157.431 thousand euro and 2.214 thousand euro and 4.659 thousand euro, respectively. There is no change in the figures of the Group’s Statement of Comprehensive Income.

The above changes occur based on the provisions of I.A.S. 8 and will be recorded in detail during the preparation of the Group’s Interim Financial Statements of 30/06/2021.

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