01 September 2015

Disclosure of undertaking duties of General Manager in “ELGEKA S.A.” by Mr. Ioannis Kalyvas

Thessaloniki, September 1st, 2015

“ELGEKA S.A.” announces in accordance with paragraph of the ATHEX Regulation, as applicable, and the defined in article 2 of decision 5/204/14.11.2000 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, in article 6 of Law 3340/2005 and in articles 2, 3 and 6 of decision 3/347/12.7.2005 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, that today Tuesday, September 1st, 2015, the Board of Directors assigned the duties of General Manager of the Company to Mr. Ioannis Kalyvas of Theodore, who will have the full responsibility of operations of the “Parent” company in Greece. Until 31.08.2015, the tasks of General Manager of the Company were exercised along with the tasks of Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Company Mr. Anthimos Misailidis of Vasilios, who retain its capacity related to replenishment and performance of duties of Chief Executive Officer, in cases of his absence or any impediment.

The new General Manager of the Company, Mr. Ioannis Kalyvas, was born in 1971 and holds a B.A. degree in Marketing Management from the American College of Greece and an MBA from the University of Sunderland, while he has many years of experience in responsibility positions in the Marketing Division and Commercial Division of large companies such as L’OREAL, EVGA and DODONI.

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