26 April 2016

Announcement of Regulated Information according to L.3556/2007: Notification of

Thessaloniki, April 26th, 2016

The company “ELGEKA S.A.” informs the investors, according to L.3556/2007 (article 3 (xvi), (bb), and article 21), and in combination with article 11 of decision 1/434/03.07.2007 the Capital Market Commission that Ms. Eleni Sarafidou of Polichronis (Liable Person, according to article 13 par.1 of L.3340/2005), wife of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Company Mr. Alexandros Katsiotis of George, informed us that in 26/04/2016 proceeded to over the counter purchase (through the company “Central Securities Depository S.A.”) of 216.727 common registered shares of “ELGEKA S.A.” of a total net value of 43.345,40 euro.

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