ELGEKA operates in the wholesale and distribution sector of fast moving consumer goods, and especially in food products, which is one of the most important business sectors in Greece.
Within this sector three categories of enterprises are active: 

Greek (usually) manufacturing companies that distribute their products by their sales and distribution networks. 
Subsidiaries of multinationals which use either their own sales and distribution networks, or collaborate with third parties for the distribution of their product.
Trade and distribution companies (with local or national coverage) which in collaboration with Greek or foreign manufacturing companies undertake the distribution and promotion of their products in the Greek market.

The latest developments in this sector (decrease in the number of small points of sale and enhancement of large super market chains, the existence of many competitive products in the same categories and the extremely high cost of development, listing and marketing of new products in the market) have driven many manufacturing companies both internationally and in Greece, to outsource the distribution and promotion of their products to specialized commercial companies. As a result, manufacturers focus more effectively on production while through these collaborations, they aim to ensure the best possible distribution of their products without having to make relevant investments.

ELGEKA having foreseen this trend, invested in know-how, human resources, installations, equipment and technological infrastructure. Since its establishment ELGEKA consistently develops strong commercial collaboration with big international and Greek principal. Operating as a "subsidiary" of the principals it cooperates, promotes in the Greek market a big variety of leading products, well known to the consumers.

Today ELGEKA is the biggest commercial enterprise, in terms of turnover and earning before tax, in the food wholesale and distribution sector in Greece.