Anthimos Misailidis
Non – Executive Board Member

Mr. Anthimos Misailidis acquired in 1998 the first university title studying at the University of Macedonia. In 2000 he completed his studies at the University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA taking Master in Business Administration with specialization in Finance.

Since October 2001 he is member of the family of ELGEKA taking positions among others as Head of Financial Planning and Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the subsidiary ELGEKA FERFELIS ROMANIA S.A. in Romania.

On 05/12/2008, he assumed his duties initially as Chief Financial Officer of ELGEKA S.A. and since 01/01/2011 undertook a new expanded role as Chief Financial Officer of ELGEKA Group. On 01/04/2014, he became Chief Operations Officer of ELGEKA Group, while since 01/12/2014 until 19/02/2017 he performed the duties of Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ELGEKA S.A. alongside with those of Chief Executive Officer of VIOTROS S.A. (subsequently named ARIVIA S.A.).

Since 20/02/2017, he participates in the Board of Directors of ELGEKA S.A., as a non – executive member, while maintaining his position as Chief Executive Officer of ARIVIA S.A., following the sale of the latest.